You may have seen the HALFKEY x Sin Eater T-Shirt, but do you know the man behind the incredible illustration? No? Well we borrowed him for a chat to talk about all things Sin Eater...

Firstly tell us a little bit more about your style of drawing?

I tend to work only on pen and ink, using engraving and wood cuts to inform my work. I have always felt and seen this not as a limitation but an asset to my work, giving it a strong visual language.

What was the inspiration behind the HALFKEY x Sin Eater drawing?

With the drawing I made for Halfkey I knew I wanted to create a solid looking logo that the brand could continue using on a number of different applications. I wanted to create a feeling of adventure and exploring the outside world.

We’d love to know which artists you are really into at the moment, anyone you think is absolutely killing it?

There are so many people whom I admire and respect, but a few which I think are flying the flag for pen and ink art are; Aaron Horkey, Richey Beckett and Jeremy Bastian.

Any collaborations on the horizon that fans should keep an eye out for?

This year I will be continuing to work with my good friend and potter Steve Meek, working on limited edition ceramics. I also have a few collaborations with some illustrators which I can't say too much about currently, so watch this space.

When you’re not drawing in the studio, what are you up to?

When I’m not working in the studio I spend my time with my small family in rural Herefordshire, raising children in a non-digital environment. We try our best to be outdoors exploring this visually rich environment we are lucky enough to live in.

If you could give yourself some advice 10 years ago what would it be? 

10 years ago I would have been starting my degree in illustration. Although I was a pretty hard working student I would have told myself to embrace the world of art school and do as much as you can within that time, enjoy every second of the freedom you have creatively because there is nothing quite like it. Nothing can prepare you for leaving art school and how to carve out a place for your work.

See Sin Eater and his work at Hereford Indie Food Fest this August bank holiday. Or check out visit his website and find him on Instagram @sineateruk.